“Cloud Kitchen, a new generation of kitchen tools, is a line of all-in-one kitchen appliances that offer everything you need to make delicious meals – from scratch – at home or any free space. The Cloud Kitchen team has developed a series of products that combine professional-grade gas burners and commercial-grade convection eway ovens with an induction cooktop and a refrigerator/freezer, allowing anyone to cook like they do at their favorite restaurant or café.” The combination of the four cooking elements in one unit.

Start your own cloud kitchen, Five easy steps for a better tomorrow.

1. choosing the location for your cloud kitchen – in cloud kitchen location doesn’t matter, finding an effective space that will be easy for setup and effective for delivery will be good to go. importantly, location should be chosen based on the customer demography and the food product you are selling.

2. Implementing online food ordering- Once you have decided on the location, you need to decide on the technology to accept orders. There are many online ordering and delivery platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, etc. that accept online orders on your behalf and also deliver the food to your customers. These companies usually charge 18-30% of your revenue per order. There is also a one-time integration fee involved for some FoodTech companies.

3. Licence and Raw material – Licensing is an integral part of setting up a restaurant. Few licenses are essential to procure in the first month of operations for a hassle-free business. These are FSSAI license, GST Registration, Municipal health trade licenses, fire licenses, etc After your license work is done, get your food material, packaging, and other raw materials. Make sure you maintain a Hygienic cloud kitchen.

4. Staff Requirements, Mobile and other Miscellaneous items- The secret sauce behind a successful restaurant is the team that works for it, with the Chef being the most critical part of the team, as they not only prepare the food but also help in designing the menu. In an online kitchen, a minimum of five employees is required. You’d need at least two chefs, two helpers, and one housekeeper. The salary of the staff depends on their experience. Also get a Mobile connection for receiving orders, including high-speed internet.

5. Marketing – Legitimate showcasing and ad are crucial for the accomplishment of an eatery. For a cloud kitchen, promotion turns out to be much more vital as it turns into the single wellspring of getting orders. Since you are not spending on the spot and other upkeep costs, you can save a total to the side for promoting. Internet promoting works for cloud kitchens very well. The primary thing you want to do is to get your eatery enrolled on café posting and survey locales like Zomato, Tripadvisor, Burrp, and so forth, and support positive audits from your regulars. You can likewise attempt Facebook for promoting select arrangements and limits.

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