Bowl food is one of the most convenient, easy to make meals on the planet. It’s also very good for you, depending on what ingredients are in your bowl of course. Bowl food can be made with vegetables, grains and legumes that not only taste great together but are loaded with nutrients. Whenever we think of a bowl, it expresses the whole world in one grip, in the same way the bowl gives the feeling of the world’s delicious taste in one hand. Bowl food is so convenient beyond your imagination. You can eat bowl food when you are travelling or you are in a rush, or no matter what when you are sad, you need a bowl to match your mood. Eating a meal out of a bowl is something that can be comforting and nourishing at the same time. When it is made using the freshest produce and has all the colours under the rainbow, why wouldn’t you find it delicious? This is even more so when all the ingredients are artfully played in the bowl. But what exactly is it? Popular food stylist and writer Anna Jones once wrote that bowl food is something that is “simultaneously soothing, bolstering, undemanding and sustaining.” No wonder then that bowl food is fast picking up the steam. “Another important reason for their popularity, in my opinion, is their simplicity,” says Mitra Shirmohammadi, a registered holistic nutritionist at Nutriholist. Conclusion: Eating bowl food will make your heart full of love for its convenience. You can use it to travel with or eat at home. Bowl food has so many varieties, so you have infinite choices to choose from. It is so convenient to eat bowl food, with only one hand you can have a full meal. You don’t need any spoon or fork to enjoy the delicious taste of the bowl food. Moreover , it comes in different flavors, textures and colors which makes it more attractive for kids too. It’s healthy with all the nutrients that are required by the human body. It gives your mood an instant boost when you are sad or tired. Bowl food is also eco

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